Roulette Probability – The Truth About Roulette

One of the most important tools in roulette that will surely help players in their betting patterns is the knowledge of roulette probability. Under roulette probability statistical data express in percentage figures shows the scenario of each bet relative to their chances of winning. In other words what is the chance of each bet winning on each spin?Shock and awe will surely greet players upon knowing some of the bets probability. A good example of this is roulette single number bet or better known in roulette parlance as straight-up bet, this bet has a probability of 2.63% chance of a win! While even money bets such as a color bet, odd and even bet and high and low number bets has 46.37% chance of winning under the American roulette. This probability goes even higher in European roulette as this type of roulette having a solitary zero.Let us go back to our example of a single number bet, players should be aware on how to use its probability and payout ratio in your betting patterns. These way players are guided on when and how to bet on single number bets. Timing is the key element for players who adamantly wager on this hard to win single number bet.Taking number 25 for our single number bet in this scenario and knowing that single number bets has a ratio of 1:37 and 2.63% winning probability players are urge to wait and see the outcome of each spin for some time before betting. What do I mean by this? Taking into account the past results of spins numbering about 20-25 it can be ascertain if number 25 came out a winner or not. If the answer is in the negative then the use of roulette probability ratio comes into play.Single number bets is pegged at 37-1 ratio meaning for every 37 spins the chance of your number to win is one but there is still a possibility of only winning once in over 37 spins, anywhere from 40-55 spins. This is where timing of bets in applied. Assuming 25 is still waiting to be announced by the croupier for the past 27 spins, the likelihood of being declared winner increase if we base it on probability for it has to win within 37 spins. Betting on the 28th spin gives players much room to play for a win at number 25. And the net income on such bet is much higher especially if number 25 comes out somewhere on the 45-65 spins. What is great here is players can bet on 3-5 numbers as long as they keep tract of results of 25-30 spins before placing any bet. Capital exposure is much less on this betting pattern with the use of roulette probability.